Smell The Internet


"Today": "The Ultimate Bachelor Pad" needs to be renamed! Sure the place is decorated on the macho side and even has it's own female  holographic ghost. But a bathtub with a view of the Big Apple and a 30-foot-long kitchen means that even though this pad was made for a man, it's cool enough for this woman!

"Regis and Kelly": Hmm, Taylor Swift's new perfume is called "Wonderstruck"? That's not a bad name. But when it's my turn to design my own fragrance, I'm gonna go with something like "Morning Show Breeze", or maybe just "Click-worthy." Mmmm... smell the Internet.

"Ellen": I'm just guessing here, and maybe the statue of limitations has expired, but I'm pretty sure that when Kaley Cuoco posed nude for a fashion magazine, she broke at least three of her Dad's 8 Simple Rules.  And yes, I actually watched that show. What can I say? I love rules.

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