Smart Spilling, Steve!


"Today": In honor of the lights going out on today's broadcast, this blog entry is going to run out of ink right… now.

"Good Day LA": Just the other day I noticed that the computer Steve Edwards uses was looking a little dated, and I was wondering when he might be lucky enough to get a new one. Well, my question was answered today when he "accidentally" spilled his tea all over it! Now they'll be forced to get him another one, too bad! Smart spilling, Steve!

"Live! with Kelly": Kristen Stewart stopped by to chat with Kelly for a bit, pout, and bite her lower lip a lot. It's always a good way to break the dawn when you get a heaping helping of K-Rip, with a side order of K-Stew! They should team up and do a commercial for Special K. Kelly could yell "Theyyyy're Kkkreat!" while Kristen just sullenly picks out the berries from her bowl.

"The View": It may seem like the interview with Matthew Broderick was a bit rough for him, given all the uncomfortable questions he was asked, but he should totally consider himself lucky because they didn't involve him in their lengthy discussion about peeing in the pool that happened earlier in the show! Lucky!

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