Smart little kids in Massachusetts


"Today": I wanted a puppy forever when I was a kid and I had to ask my parents like 100,000 times before they gave in! But these cute and smart little kids in Massachusetts wanted a cat and they just asked Facebook! If they got 1,000 likes on their picture, their parents promised they'd get them a cat… and 100,000 likes later they are sitting purr-ty! BTW, they named their new friend Hairyette!

"Wendy Williams": What a pleasant surprise! Not only did I get to appear on my favorite talk show today, but Jeremy Kyle was there too! And you know I love me some Jeremy Kyle! Like, really love me some Jeremy Kyle. He's British and stylish and so many other —ishes! Like delicious!

"CBS This Morning": I was going to write a blog post totally disproving "CBS This Morning's" story about how multitasking can be bad for your health, but I was also updating my status on how I'm getting fridge magnets made out of all my Instagram pictures while walking in heels from my hair appointment to the nail salon, and I totally spilled hot coffee on myself! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to tweet about this while I look for a hospital..

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