'Sleepy Hollow': Has Abbie Found Someone Even Older Than Ichabod? … and Other Questions Answered

Valerie David
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"Sleepy Hollow" gives us a Revolutionary War hero who dies in battle, reawakens in 2013, and finds himself haunted by a redcoat he beheaded hundreds of years ago. It's a story of demons, witches, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That kind of supernatural mystery leaves viewers with a lot of questions each week, and we do our best to find the answers.

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You can take a man out of 1776, but can you take 1776 out of the man?

In episode "John Doe," we see how a guy who "looks good for 200" is struggling to adjust to life in 2013. With Abbie's help, Ichabod moves into the Sheriff's old rustic cabin, with all its "modern conveniences." Our 18th-century hero feels more comfortable in the simple surroundings, where he can quietly figure out things like loofahs and that hermetically sealed plastic packaging that confounds even modern-day scissors. 

Ichabod struggles with "modern conveniences":

Has Abbie found someone even older than Ichabod?

Ichabod might feel out of place in the 21st century, but his old-school Oxford education comes in handy when he and Abbie investigate the case of an unidentified young boy with an unusual illness. Who else could translate the child's native language of Middle English?

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After gently quizzing the boy, Ichabod confides to Abbie that their John Doe might be from the lost colony of Roanoke, an early British settlement that vanished without a trace in 1590. Abbie wants to be skeptical, but these days she's learning to just follow the clues, wherever they might lead.

Ichabod speaks to the boy:

Can they turn water into wine?

Ichabod's fox-hunting skills help him track young John Doe's trail through the woods, leading him and Abbie to an overgrown island. The water seems too deep to wade to the island, but Ichabod spies a path just under the surface. The "two witnesses" literally walk on water to get to the island, and they find the missing16th-century colony.

Check out Ichabod's tracking skills: 

Guess which Horseman is coming to dinner?

Abbie and Ichabod learn from the Roanoke settlers that the Horseman of Pestilence galloped through in their day, infecting them with a plague. The first child to die became a spirit that guided them to this sanctuary in Sleepy Hollow, where they have the looks of the disease but none of the ill effects.

Now that the boy has left the island, the illness will reignite, the Horseman will arrive to help out his headless brother, and the Apocalypse will be on its way. Bringing the boy back home could be the only way to save the town — and the world.

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The good news is you're back together with your wife. What's the bad news?

You're dead. Well, very nearly, anyway. Ichabod also catches the plague, and while he's sedated, he makes an unexpected call on Katrina. She's not happy to see him, because she realizes he's in danger of becoming her permanent roommate in purgatory. She confides that she might know why the freaky white tree demon Moloch wants her, but Ichabod is snatched back to the real world before she can finish her explanation.

Ichabod reunites with Katrina:  

How do you persuade your captain to smuggle two dying people out of CDC quarantine?

We're not sure about this one, actually. While Abbie's ex Morales is suspiciously doing background checks on suspect turned consultant Crane, Captain Irving seems to put total trust in his lieutenant's crazy idea to baptize some plague victims on a secret island at the edge of the woods. The odd camera angles, ominous soundtrack — and suspicious judgment calls — seem to hint there might be more to Irving than meets the eye.

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Wasn't this the same ending as "Lost"?

Abbie's inspiration from God, a shot of adrenaline, and a dip in the protective spring waters of the Roanoke settlement save Ichabod, the boy, and all the other victims. It also closes the barn door for now on that Horseman of Pestilence.

Our heroes are confused when the settlement crumbles to dust around them. It turns out all those 16th-century folks they conversed with were long dead, including the boy. Only the Horseman's influence made him flesh and blood in the real world. We're getting the impression these apocalyptic representatives are some seriously bad dudes.

Watch the full episode now:

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