'Sleepy Hollow' + The Black Keys 'Hell of a Season' = Killer Music Video

Steven Bryan
Fall TV

Talk about inspired! The smarty-pants over at Fox have combined the music of The Black Keys with clips from their new time-traveling hit "Sleepy Hollow" to create one hellaciously good music video.

Like George Washington's secret map on the show, the following lyrics from "Hell of a Season" offer secrets and clues to the path the freshman season show must travel to survive the Nielsen ratings: "Even though you don't know, you're reacting all along. What I see is killing me. You won't make it on your own."  

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And they're off to a good start! Pulling in more than 10 million viewers, the drama came in at No. 2, behind the ABC juggernaut "Dancing With the Stars."

The premise of the drama follows Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), who's been asleep for nearly 250 years. Only he has the knowledge to help save Sleepy Hollow from the Headless Horseman. Troubled by supernatural visions as a child, Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) is the first to believe Crane's story. Neither one can face this evil alone, and both hope to survive.

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'Even though I don't know, I'm pretending that I do. It's my curse; I can reverse. I'm still waiting here for you.'

Searching the cave where he was buried, Crane finds George Washington's Bible. A marked passage in the Book of Revelations indicates that two witnesses — most likely Mills and Crane — must team up to save humanity from the forces of evil.

'Perhaps you were called to something, Abbie," Crane tells her. "Perhaps we both were.'

The video also points out the blood link between the soldier and the Headless Horseman. Whether that link is a help or a curse remains to be seen.

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'Say you'll be better. I'll keep waiting forever. You know I do, know I do. Oh!'

Katrina (Katia Winter from "Dexter"), Crane's wife, helped put her husband in an enchanted slumber to save his life. More than two centuries later, Katrina remains trapped in another dimension and tells him more about his mission. It's a safe bet that Katrina's history will become a greater part of the show's mythology over the next few weeks.

"Sleepy Hollow" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Fox. 

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