Simon Cowell Shows Off Britney Chemistry, Chest Hair On ‘Kimmel’

Lyndsey Parker
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"The Voice's" extra episode may have trounced the first hour of "The X Factor's" Season 2 premiere in Wednesday night's reality ratings war, but Simon Cowell and his new sidekick Britney Spears are still hitting the promotional circuit hard in hopes of building buzz for their show. And among these entertaining efforts was their post-premiere appearance on Wednesday's "Jimmy Kimmel" episode, during which Simon and Britney showed off their surprisingly strong chemistry. However, if Simon really wants to help "The X Factor's" cause, he may not want to alienate potential viewers by showing off his...thick thatch of chest hair. Come on, no one wants to see that.

"Simon, we can see your navel. Why even have buttons on your shirt, if this is how you're going to wear it?" an amused/repulsed Jimmy asked Simon on behalf of all of America--when Simon strutted onstage practically flashing more skin than Britney usually does, with his shirt flapping open to the waist. "Please button that shirt, it's disgusting! I feel like an ape is about to jump out and strangle me!"

Britney didn't seem to appreciate Cowell's hairy-chested look either, since when Jimmy asked Simon if there was any "sexual attraction" between this odd couple, Britney just averted her eyes nervously while Simon fiddled with his one fastened button and answered, "It's a bit one-sided, Jimmy. My side." Oh well. Maybe Britney could at least provide Simon with a referral to a good waxer.

Fear not: When Simon made multiple changes to "The X Factor's" format this year, swapping too-tight black T-shirts for barely-buttoned button-downs was really one of the more minor tweaks. Despite Wednesday's aforementioned ratings setback, the early buzz regarding "The X Factor's" new (and improved) season has been largely positive, with many fans and critics saying the series has totally stepped it up since last year, and some even saying it's now better than "The Voice." Hopefully for Simon, that burgeoning buzz, coupled with fun promotional appearances like these, will boost the show in the long run.  But keeping his long chest hair under wraps certainly wouldn't hurt.

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