We Shouldn’t Expect A Baby Bump


"Today": Cameron Diaz is starring in a new movie about babies, and she had some breaking news for us: when in the delivery room, don't look. Because, it's gross, apparently. And you can't un-see that stuff. Great, now she tells us. I guess we shouldn't expect a baby bump from you anytime soon, eh Cammy?

"Ellen": Ellen busted out a new round of "bad paid-for photos" today, and I admit I can't get enough of those cringe-worthy glamour shots. Lucky for us, it's a renewable resource... prom season is almost here, kids! Make sure to hang on to those memories, so we can all laugh at you a few years from now.

"GMA": They spent all morning bragging about "world record week", and then brought out a bunch of folks from Cirque du Soleil to break a bunch of world records for things they just made up -- like head spinning! And stilt-walking! And teeth-dangling! I think they set the new world's record for making people no longer care about world records. So, hey... congrats on that!

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