Shoes with No Socks


"Live! with Michael and Kelly": That lion cub that Kelly got to play with today was the CUTEST thing I've ever seen! He was so adorable! Simba-ly amazing!

"Ellen": Okay, maybe I shouldn't worry about this stuff, but I'm curious... how is it that Sophia Grace and Rosie can live in the UK and keep making appearances on "Ellen" every week? And don't tell me it's because of the nine-hour time difference. I guess they're doing their homework on the plane?

"Wendy Williams": I'm so jealous that Andy Cohen got to put on a funny wig and do a funny voice, Wendy never lets me do that when I'm on her show! Maybe she doesn't know how awesome I am at that sort of thing, or maybe she doesn't want to be upstaged as the person with the best wigs. Either way, next time I'm on her show I'll bring my bag of wigs and keep my fingers crossed!

"Access Hollywood Live": I guess people have different tastes but I thought it was kind of weird how obsessed Kit is with guys that wear shoes with no socks. Maybe it just me and my man, but I associate that with smelly feet! And I wonder if she got offended when Pitbull said that's his "Miami Vice" look, because he was talking about the TV show in the 80's and not the movie from a few years ago!

"Anderson Live": Rosie could hardly contain herself when a negative story about Donald Trump came up that she got to talk about. But I'm sort of surprised how well she got along with Nene Leakes, considering Donald's show "Celebrity Apprentice" has helped make her a big star. Then again Rosie's ongoing feud with Mr. Trump hasn't really hurt her career either, so I guess they're in the same boat!

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