The Shoe-Pants Are Here!


"GMA": The Shoe-Pants are here! The Shoe-Pants are here! GMA showed pictures of a Chilean designer's brilliant idea - sewing your jeans right into your Chuck Taylors. Voila: Shoe-pants! See, adults? You don't have to leave the beloved footie pajamas of your childhood behind! Now the only debate is what to call them. "Pooes" seems kind of childish, but "Shants" seems a little too highbrow. Hmm... wait, I've got it! Ladies and gentlemen with freezing ankles around the world, I give you: "SHPANTS!"

"Today": I THINK it was Savannah's first official day today. But they didn't announce her as a host in the beginning of the show, but she was sitting next to Matt Lauer. And nobody brought it up during the whole show. So let me be the first to say, "Happy Maybe First Day", Savannah!

"GDNY": To say I'm bummed about Greg Kelly moving to evening news is an understatement! And no, it's not like losing a family member or good friend or anything mushy like that, it just stinks for my show to lose out on such consistently good material! Joel McHale and I both shed a tear on this day, maybe you should have tried thinking about others when you made this decision Greg!

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