What Is She The Queen Of, Exactly?


"Today": "The Today Show" officially turned 60! You know what that means... only 40 more years to go before Willard Scott wishes you a Happy Birthday from all our friends at Smuckers! (Just kidding, you know you're my Strawberry Jam! Wit' biscuits...)

"Ellen": Ellen got a visit from Queen Latifah today, but I wish her interview had been more hard-hitting. There are so many things I still don't know about her! Like, what is she the Queen of, exactly? Does she have diplomat license plates that let her park anywhere she wants? And what channel is Ellen on in her country?

"Good Day New York": I'm thankful that they had football helmets sitting on set or I seriously would have thought they were gearing up for a big baseball game! But whoever set up the helmets made the opposing one more prominent in the shot so Greg did what any professional unbiased news reporter would do, he knocked it on the floor and made sure the camera focused on the Giants football helmet. Yeah, goooo team!

"Good Day LA": Dorthy rode a mechanical bull and I was absolutely sure that it would turn out to be hilarious. But she only kinda sorta fell off when the bull was just slightly in motion so it was very anti-climactic, what a rip-off! Thankfully field reporter Lauren was there to save the day with her struggles inside the giant bubble, and for that I say thank you bubble girl!

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