She Has A Household Face


"Live! with Kelly": Wow, today's show had both Kim Kardashian and Lucy Lawless. (Guess which one has many skills? Hint: It's the one that's more warrior-princess-y.) Anyway, if this trend keeps up, tomorrow we'll get Marlee Matlin, Nick Nolte, and Ozzy Osbourne!

"Ellen": Okay, sure, some less-educated folks may just know Ellen's guest today, Shemar Moore, from "Criminal Minds". But us DiNTers know him for a much more important role: playing Malcolm Winters on "The Young & The Restless"! Yep, Shemar spent almost 10 years over two stints on "Y&R", and when he didn't wanna come back for a third go-round, he gave the character to his pal Darius McCrary! I wonder if Darius will return the favor and let Shemar play Eddie Winslow in the next "Family Matters" reunion?

"GDNY": Greg proved he is the king of the backhanded compliment when he told Yvette Nicole Brown from "Community" that she's not a household name, but she has a household face. Gee, Greg! How sweet! And since she works on a show with Joel McHale, Greg just had to mention numerous times that he has in issue with Joel and doesn't want to talk about him. Well too late Greg, all you did was talk about him! Sounds like a man crush to me!

"Access Hollywood Live": Billy found out that "Access" correspondent Tim Vincent used to host a kids show in the UK called "Blue Peter." And because Billy's maturity level sometimes rivals that of a 5-year-old, he spent the entire segment giggling like one. Grow up Billy! And why don't you check out "Blue Peter" some time, it's actually a great show!

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