Was She Feeling Partly Cloudy?


"Today": I just assumed that they don't have TV or movies or sporting events in France and that's why all those people were watching a building demolition, but apparently I was wrong about that! So now I'll just assume that there's no good TV shows, interesting movies or compelling sporting events, and that's why they're watching a building demolition in person. For the French people's sake, I'm hope I'm not wrong about that!

"GMA": Fact: Lara Spencer did almost the entire show this morning in a shiny waterproof black and white trenchcoat. While indoors. But why? Was she feeling partly cloudy? Did she think the sprinkler system was about to give out? Did she think she was on "You Can't Do That On Television?" I just don't know. (Uh-oh.) Incoming!

"Access Hollywood Live": There needs to be way more yaks on daytime TV! Now that I got that out of the way, let me just say thank you to Billy Bush for asking the one question that everyone wanted to know. When they brought out the giant Burmese python he asked if it was capable of eating his co-host Kit. Of course the answer was yes, and of course she quickly moved out of it's way!

"Live! with Kelly and Michael": Katie, Katie, how does your garden grow? Wow, if I went back in time five years, and told you Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan, Katie Couric, and a giant zucchini were all on TV together, and three of the four of them were hosting daytime talk shows, would you even believe me? And come on, admit it, you'd guess that one of them had to be the zucchini, right? I thought so.

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