She’s A Daytime Show Junkie


"Live! with Kelly": Was that really Mary J. Blige co-hosting with Kelly today? Who knew she was such a morning show maven? Well, here's the 411 on that... according to MJB, she's a daytime show junkie, just like us! She told Kelly that she watches her show every day, "and then I roll right into "The View", and then I roll right into "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" Wow, fascinating: so that's who still watches "Millionaire"... millionaires!

"Good Day New York": Normally I would find it odd that the lead news story in a huge city with millions of people was about a word misspelled on the street. But in this case it was just nice to see that they didn't lead with a story about those darn New York Giants again! Some of us don't care about baseball people!

"Access Hollywood Live": I was jealous of Billy for a while since he was sitting poolside in Miami. But when he and Charlie Sheen were both drenched in sweat 15 seconds into their interview, I'm pretty sure they were jealous of me sitting in my climate-controlled studio sipping an ice water. With lemon! Suckers!

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