Sharon Osbourne Reunites With ‘The X Factor U.K.,’ Ozzy

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Following her acrimonious split from "America's Got Talent" last year, Sharon Osbourne is going back to her singing-show roots, officially rejoining the judging panel of "The X Factor U.K." for the series' 10th anniversary.

Sharon was one of the original "X Factor U.K." judges, alongside Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh, from 2004-2007 — including the season that spawned internationally successful winner Leona Lewis. While Sharon never mentored a winner herself during her stint on the show, she was a popular judge nonetheless.

Sharon left "The X Factor U.K." after Season 4 — the season when the panel was expanded from three to four judges, with the addition of Dannii Minogue. Sharon, who was replaced in Season 5 by Cheryl Cole, later admitted that she quit because she didn't enjoy working with Dannii. (Apparently inter-judge drama isn't limited to Nicki vs. Mariah on "American Idol"!)

"Three words I never thought I'd say: Welcome back, Sharon!" Simon Cowell said in a statement this week.

"It's the 10th year of 'X Factor U.K.,' and I started out the show with Simon," Sharon explained on "The Talk" Wednesday. "Simon is the creator, the producer, he's the god of it all. But I started it out with him and was there for the first four years that built the show. Then the show became a huge worldwide brand…and Simon asked me to go back. It’s kind of like what you have here with the high school when you all get back together."

[Editor's note: She meant like a "high school reunion." Don't they have those in Britain?]

But Sharon won't be sitting next to Simon next season; he'll be too busy on this side of the pond, retooling/salvaging yet another season of "The X Factor USA." Instead, Sharon's castmates will include current judges Gary Barlow (of Take That); Nicole Scherzinger (who was a flop on the U.S. version of the show, but mentored last year's top two U.K. finalists and also came up with the idea to assemble One Direction); and her old crony, Louis Walsh. Hopefully she'll get along with them better than she did with Dannii Minogue.

In other happy Sharon news, she announced that she will continue to do double-duty on CBS's "The Talk," and that her troubled husband, Ozzy Osbourne, is back on the wagon: "I just want to say something, though. I today feel like the luckiest woman in the world. My husband is sober and I have the best jobs in the entire world, and I kind of think my life is too good right now."

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