Richard Moll on 'Ghost Shark': 'An Emotional Roller Coaster' Filled With... Snakes

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"Sharknado's" brother from another mother, "Ghost Shark" — starring Mackenzie Rosman ("7th Heaven") and Richard Moll ("Night Court") — premieres tonight on Syfy. A drunken sea captain teams up with a ghost hunter to — you know what? If a shark that's a ghost doesn't sell you, the plot surely won't help.

Like many Syfy Originals, this movie is based on a title, though there was a lengthy treatment phase where the producers worked though three completely different versions with the studio before settling on the current one and beginning the screenplay.

This was Moll's first time working with producer Griff Furst, though he knew his father, Stephen Furst ("St. Elsewhere", "Babylon 5"), from the old "Night Court" days. He's worked with Syfy before, starring in "Headless Horsemen" with "Sharknado" director Anthony Ferrante.

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The concept is silly, but Moll took his work very seriously. "It was an emotional roller coaster. I worked hard on that, and I hope I didn't freak everybody out getting into the various moods, but that was challenging."

The filming conditions were far from ideal. Shooting almost immediately after Hurricane Isaac meant beach sets were more swamp than beach, and crew members with rakes and shovels were tasked with scaring away water moccasins. "In the film, when you hear a character say, 'Watch out for snakes,' that was kind of our inside joke, because the place was filled with snakes," said Furst. "You wanted to be careful where you're planting your feet," added Moll. "But when you're going at a dead run through the swamp, it's hard to make those choices sometimes at midnight."

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Shockingly, this isn't even the first project featuring a shark that's a ghost. A fake trailer for "Ghost Shark 2" was released on YouTube in 2010, similar to the faux "Hobo With a Shotgun" trailer. As with that project, interest in the trailer drove production of an actual "Ghost Shark 2" (there was never a "Ghost Shark 1") feature. So if paranormal sharks are your thing, life really won't ever get any better for you than it is at this very moment. Enjoy it.

"Ghost Shark" premieres Thursday, 8/22 at 9 PM on Syfy.

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