'Sharknado Too' Spoof Starring Robert De Niro, Kelly Ripa, Julianne Hough, and Two Ians!

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Every CGI shark in town would want to take a bite out of the likes of Hollywood A-listers, and that's exactly what happens in this gloriously fun, celebrity-packed, parody trailer for "Sharknado Too," as envisioned by "Live With Kelly and Michael." Always dreamed of seeing Robin Williams get eaten by a shark? Then this is your lucky Halloween.

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Bloodied Ian Ziering chainsawed his way through a shark to make his entrance on the "Live" set for the special Halloween episode. Ziering told Kelly and Michael about making "Sharknado" in just eighteen days and feeling that the movie would either make or break his career.

All of that talk led up to a special sneak peek at the most anticipated Syfy shark sequel of all time. Naturally, it turned out to be a trick. The trailer is make-believe. But watching Kelly Ripa impersonate talkative Tara Reid's character is the ultimate treat.

Watch the full trailer: