A Sexiest Man-wich


Today”: You might think it's disrespectful for someone to give a former President bunny ears, but considering what normally goes on in a guys locker room, I think he got off easy! Can you imagine if today's headline was that President Clinton got an atomic wedgie in the Louisville locker room? Or what if they gave him a swirlie?!

AHL”: The discussion Billy and Kit had about what Billy was wearing under his kilt was probably something I could have gone without! Lets just say it's going to take a lot of green beer for me to forget the thoughts that popped in my head during that conversation!

Live!”: Ryan Reynolds just finished his reign as Sexiest Man Alive, and Michael Strahan made the middle o' the magazine as a runner-up for this year's SMA. It's just a matter of time, people. So that made Kelly Ripa the accidental center of a Sexist Man Alive sandwich! A Sexiest Man-wich, if you will. It's sort of the opposite of the poor guy at 30 Rock who has to squeeze in between Hoda and KLG to refill their wine glasses during every commercial break.

GMA”: Tom Bergeron sat in with the crew this morning, and they put him right next to George Stephanopoulos. That meant we had the option of getting our affable, salt-and-pepper haired male anchor-banter in either small, or medium size. Here's hoping some day they team up for their very own segment, "StephaBergeronOnoupoulos". I'd watch that… even though it'd be a pretty short segment.

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