Sex, Lies, and Blow-Up Dolls on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas' [Exclusive Video]

Maya Salam
Yahoo TV
Sex, Lies, and Blow-Up Dolls on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas' [Exclusive Video]

"Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas" takes a turn for the kinky with a house full of blow-up dolls. If only these plastic novelties were there to prove a point about shutting up, but alas, that's not the case. To make matters even creepier, each doll has a picture of a boot camper's face on it. Lucky for you, we have a sneak peek at this upcoming episode now.

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When the troubled couples walk into the therapy session and come across the dolls, they are understandably freaked out. "I don't play with dolls," says the endlessly macho Rob. Kirsten's reaction: "This is disgusting." For once, we kind of agree with you, Kirsten!

One hubby is missing from the session, though: Byron. "This is a tough exercise for me, because I'm sitting here by myself. My husband is sick, and the topic is sex. I felt totally out of place," Porsha says.

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What's the point of this exercise, by the way? For the campers to use the dolls to show one another what turns them on. Talk about embarrassing!

Word also has it that one husband admits to cheating on his wife. To find out who, tune in to "Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas" on Friday, 7/5 at 9 PM on WE tv.