Sesame Street’s ‘The Voice’ Parody: Brought To You By The Letter V

Lyndsey Parker
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If there was one thing that could improve upon "The Voice's" Adam/Xtina/Blake/Cee Lo formula, it would be having the judges rendered in puppet form. (I am a steadfast believer that puppets make everything better, and my obsession with all things felt has been well-documented in the past.) The geniuses over at "Sesame Street" recently posted a preview of their new "Voice" parody, and it's just as adorable and amazing as one might expect.

The Muppet Christina is infinitely more likable than the flesh-and-blood one. The Carson Daly puppet seems more lifelike and charismatic than the real guy. Oddly, there's no Adam Levine puppet...but otherwise, this clip is just about perfect. There's even a Muppet version of Cee Lo's feline mascot, Purrfect!

If it's true that Season 4 of "The Voice" next spring will feature an entirely different judging panel, then I suggest NBC hire all of the "Sesame Street" puppets above. Or maybe "American Idol" can poach them to fill the empty seats for that show's Season 12? Something tells me these fake felt judges would do a better job than many of the rumored celebrity names up for singing-show judging gigs nowadays.

The season premiere of "The Voice" airs on NBC on September 10. "Sesame Street's" season premiere airs September 24 on PBS.

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