Seriously Too Cute! Watch the New 'Duck Dynasty' Season 4 Promo

Yahoo! TV

The fun-loving, prank-pulling men of "Duck Dynasty" often seem like big kids, so it's fitting that the A&E hit's Season 4 promo features actual children.

In the adorable video, elementary school kids are puttting on a "Duck Dynasty" play for a crowd of parents. One youngster comes on stage wearing a bushy beard, bandana, and fake belly. "Will you all get back to work?" he says. Yup, that's Willie!

"We're on break, Willie," replies carefree little Jace. "Go eat something!"

Young Uncle Si, sporting a trademark grey beard, swivels around holding a green cup filled likely with sweet tea. "Yeah, Jack, You know what they say: Work hard, nap hard," little Si says to the crowd's laughter and his proud father's delight. Awww!

"Duck Dynasty" Season 4 premieres Aug. 14 with an episode focusing on Phil and Kay's 49th anniversary. While Uncle Si distracts the couple, their children plan to surprise them with a vow renewal.