Serious Offers Only


"GMA": If you were wondering exactly why Josh was playing Atari on the 4,000 square foot "GMA" JumboTron in Times Square (I mean, besides the fact that it's awesome!) it was part of a whole news story on how to sell your childhood toys on the internet for profit. I didn't really catch the whole thing, but does anybody wanna buy six Care Bears, a one-eyed Cabbage Patch Kid,  and a She-Ra doll with extra Sharpie marker makeup? Serious offers only.

"Regis and Kelly": Well, the countdown has reached exactly one month: Reeg departs for that early dinnertime on November 18th. But he almost started his vacay a month early, when he overslept and woke up at 8:15am this morning, for a 9am show! Luckily like all men of his era, Regis sleeps in a suit. Pajamas are for low-class nogoodnicks, don'tcha know?!

"Wendy Williams": A couple weeks ago Wendy was surrounded by Pillsbury Doughboys and now she had a stage full of Oompa Loompas! So, not only has she found a creative way to make more advertising dollars, she's also giving a bunch of struggling actors a day of work!

"Wake Up with Al": Oh how I love the classic art of miming! You know that was my first choice as a career but it's actually a really hard business to break into. I kept getting phone calls from other mimes about working together but I couldn't hear anything on the other end! So, I just gave up and got into online hosting instead!

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