See You On The Dance Floor, Reeg!


"Regis and Kelly": Well, tomorrow's the big day! Friday morning's "Live" broadcast, starting at 9AM Eastern time, will mark the very last of Regis's record-setting 17,000-plus hours on television! Which means tonight he'll have to set his alarm for 8:15 for the last time. Starting Monday he can really sleep in!

"The View": Regis never ceases to amaze me with the amount of energy he has. Maybe he was just trying to upstage Barbara Walters, since they're both about 100 years old, but he was jumping and stomping and yelling throughout his whole interview! And he claims that "Dancing with the Stars" is too rigorous of a schedule for him, but I think after about a week of sitting at home doing nothing, he'll have enough energy saved up to last two seasons of that show. See you on the dance floor, Reeg!

"GMA": So is it "Mah Na Mah Na" or "Mahna Mahna"? Maybe Bip Bippadotta, the Snowths or the two Anything Muppet girls know! (And if you know who that is, you're an Animal… for "The Muppets"!)

"Access Hollywood Live": I'm not quite sure what got into John Corbett but now I love him even more (and I did not think that was possible!) Not only did he show up at the end of the fashion segment with some of the model's clothes wrapped around his head, he also showed up on the cooking segment and began to undress and dance provocatively. I suppose when you've starred on a hit show like "Northern Exposure" you know what makes good television!

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