Secretary of Biceps


"Live! with Michael and Kelly": Well, Michael Strahan didn't get picked as the 'Sexiest Man Alive', but then again, Regis never did either! At least Mike made it past the first few rounds of cuts and got into the magazine! He's probably at least a member of the Sexiest Cabinet or something. Secretary of Biceps, anyone?

"Ellen": I love Rihanna's Carribean accent. Everything just sounds more sophisticated the way she puts things, y'know? Like today, Ellen played a game of "Who'd You Rather?" with her, and Ri-Ri claimed she was having trouble choosing between Brad Pitt and George Clooney, saying "I could decipher on this all day." That's so awesome! I'm totally gonna try using that one today in my life. As in: "I'm sorry to hold up the line at this gas station, I'm just having trouble decipherin' between these Ho-Ho's and those Ring-Dings." Yeah, okay, maybe that's slightly less sophisticated.

"Anderson Live": Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper shared the stage today on "Anderson Live" and that's a whole lotta AC going on in one place! Somebody better check the thermostat!

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