Seasonal Funny Animal Picture


"GMA": Meerkats playing with Jack-o-Lanterns? Why that's my favorite meer-category of seasonal funny animal picture. "GMA", how did you know?

"Today": Brian Williams sure looked like he needed that big cup o' joe to go moonlighting on "Today" today. Wait, is it still called "moonlighting" when you usually work at night? Maybe it's "daylighting", then. Hmm, I sure wish there was some authority on this subject that I could call to find  out... like, a detective agency or something... ah well. Some sip by day, I guess..

"Judge Mathis": So, the lady who was proposed to three different times with different rings by the same guy must look kinda goofy when she wears all three rings at once! But I'm wondering why, if she apparently kept saying yes, he would keep proposing. Did he just forget? Or does he have a really great ring guy who kept offering him great deals?!

"Access Hollywood Live": Billy asked Brett Ratner if Eddie Murphy would be busting out his famous red suit from the movie "Raw" when he hosts the Oscars next year. But what I really wanted to know is if Eddie would pull out any of the stuff he wore in "The Adventures of Pluto Nash", cuz that movie totally rocked!

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