'Scandal' Stars Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz on HuckleberryQuinn's Future: 'He Might Have a Little More Respect for Her'

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Guillermo Diaz as Huck and Katie Lowes as Quinn in "Scandal"
Guillermo Diaz as Huck and Katie Lowes as Quinn in "Scandal"

Fans of "HuckleberryQuinn" on "Scandal" were shocked last week when the relationship between the mentor and his protégé took a very dark turn.

After finding out Quinn had betrayed Olivia Pope and the other gladiators, Huck went B-613 on Quinn — tying her up, torturing her, and even pulling out a tooth! He spared her life, but only because she seemingly promised to get to Eli Pope and kill him!

So where does the HuckleberryQuinn pairing go from here? We chatted with stars Guillermo Diaz and Katie Lowes about their big scene, a potential romance, and this week's big winter finale.

What was your reaction when you first read the torture scene?

Lowes: Oh, wow.

Diaz: I think people cried during the table read. I was completely shocked and it was really unexpected and I just remember thinking, "Oh my god, we have to shoot this." I was excited and scared and just crazy happy that we were getting to shoot this amazingly written scene. As an actor, it's what you want.

Watch as Huck prepares Quinn for torture:

You're very good friends, did that make it easier or harder to shoot?

Lowes: I think that made it easier, really.

Diaz: Definitely.

Lowes: Huck has had to torture a bunch of other people, and I had to drill Billy Chambers's thigh. It's definitely an uncomfortable situation, the person is hog-tied with tape and naked on a floor and it's uncomfortable no matter what. But in our situation, because we are such good friends in real life and know each other really well, we were able to go the lengths that we needed to.

Can Quinn and Huck ever mend their relationship? Can they go back?

Diaz: Hard to say. You know, Huck pulled her teeth out! And he had her tied up on the floor for hours — how do you come back from that? But again, they're both living these dysfunctional lives. They're part of this crazy family at Olivia Pope and Associates, so who's the say they won't come back from it and possibly have a higher respect for each other? Quinn lived through Huck's torture, and he might have a little more respect for her. Maybe that'll count for something and he'll say, "Wow, she's stronger than I thought."

Lowes: I know that Quinn herself is forever changed, and I think more than the question of "can she feel the same way about Huck again?," I think Quinn needs to know that that's who Huck is. As much as she would've liked to have been the exception — she kind of was, because he didn't kill her and he did her that favor and he did her that honor — but I think that Quinn now knows the truth that this is who Huck is, this is who he's trained to be, and I don't know if they'll ever come back from it. I like to hold out hope because I'm a fan of HuckleberryQuinn, and I'm also a fan of Guillermo Diaz, so selfishly I just want to act with him. I don't know, we'll see. We're only one episode ahead of you, so we don't really know what's going to happen.

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Quinn and Charlie have embarked on this weird relationship. But is it real? Or are they just using each other?

Lowes: You're definitely going to find out who she's using and who her loyalties are to in this winter finale. I think as much as she wants to think that their relationship is just a using thing, I think that Quinn does have feelings for Charlie. And I think that she knows that Charlie definitely has feelings for her. But again, like I could get an episode next week and this could all be completely wrong! But how I've been playing it is that there is something weird and needed there. Charlie understands her, she understands Charlie, and as much as he does creep around and she doesn't know if she can trust him, I think that there is some sexual attraction there and it feels good to her to be with someone when she hasn't been with anyone in years.

A lot of fans want Quinn and Huck to get together romantically. Do you think it could happen?

Diaz: I personally don't want to see it happen. I think it's more interesting that they're completely platonic, they just have a non-sexual relationship.

Lowes: I agree.

Diaz: It's too obvious, it's too on the nose if they slept together.

Lowes: Look at all the issues that they have without sleeping with each other! (Laughs)

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Is this going to push Huck over the edge?

Diaz: I think it already has. I think he was high during the moment and exhilarated and excited and getting off on it. But like any drug, or any high, you come down off of it. I think now he's sort of reeling from that and feeling the effects of what he did. I think that's going to mess with him further. A messed up in the head Huck is a fun Huck to watch on TV.

What can you tell us about the winter finale?

Lowes: There definitely is a scene between Huck and Quinn post-torture, and you'll be able to see exactly what their feelings are toward each other and what the state of their relationship currently is. You're definitely going to see Maya Pope stuff and start to understand why Olivia Pope says that, "He's not the monster, she is." And then, there's some Sally Langston stuff in there too. It's amazing. I like to think about last week and this week as a two-parter, so there's a lot — a lot — of all different storylines intertwining together to make all those terrifically "Scandal" OMG moments for you guys.

And we can assume it ends on a big cliffhanger?

Lowes: For sure. Come on! What's "Scandal" without a major cliffhanger?

Watch a preview of the winter finale:


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