'Scandal' Recap: Is the Door Slammed on Olivia and Fitz for Good?

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Blood is thicker than water. It trumps political beliefs, financial matters, or image concerns.

When Olivia confronts Fitz at the end of this week's "Scandal" about shooting down the plane, he tosses Defiance back in her face (oh, yes, he did!). "Why won't you extend me the same courtesy?" he asks about receiving forgiveness.

Because my mom was on that plane, she hisses. This piece of information seems to genuinely surprise Fitz. But earlier, Rowan avowed that he didn't order the plane shot down (and we actually believe him). So if it wasn't him, and it wasn't Fitz … who was it?

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The idea that there's someone out there more powerful and more frightening than either of those guys is … well, we wish we had access to that top-secret bunker.

As Olivia shuts the door on Fitz — flashing back to her mother leaving their house for the final time – it feels awfully final. They've been on again, off again before, but doesn't it seem like it might be off for good between them this time?

Unless it comes out that Fitz didn't really take out the plane or that Olivia's mom didn't board it, we just can't see a way for these two crazy kids (and we mean crazy) to be on again. "We can try to be us again," Fitz pleads, but it's too late.

"Us" no longer exists.

What else went down in this week's "Scandal":

Mommy Dearest: The flashback is brief and hazy, but there's definitely a sense of peace and happiness in it. Plus, 12-year-old Liv is super cute.

Later, an emotionally-disturbed Olivia breaks down and begs her father to answer just one question. He agrees and she asks this: Did he order the plane to go down?

No, Rowan answers.

We believe him, for once. But it makes the question of who did make the call all the more disturbing.

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Electioneering Shenanigans: Weirdly, Cyrus and Mellie — two of the most shrewd people on the show — seem clueless about Liv's emotional state in the Oval Office. Mellie practically dances when Olivia shows up, thinking her husband's mistress is going to run their campaign. Of course, Liv tells Fitz that she quits … before she even began!

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar: Instead, Liv jumps to the other side and takes on Josephine Marcus's campaign once more. But Josie has been following the wrong tactics by doing soft talk shows and corny cooking segments. The Gladiators want her to go negative on Gov. Reston. Otherwise, she'll never line up the big donors she needs to win.

Liv sets up a major interview conducted by Cyrus's husband, James. But Josie doesn't want to talk tough — until the Gladiators show her a sexist ad from Reston's campaign.

That lights a fire in Josie and she goes off on not only Reston, but James (he done got Poped).

The interview nets her some donors and a lot of great coverage.

Digging … Back Into the Hole? After Liv's initial confrontation with Fitz doesn't yield much info, she asks Jake to look for more proof. And even though it's risky, he agrees. Because he's in luuuuuuv.

Jake reaches out to a source to retrieve the black box recording from the flight, but when he meets up with her to get it, a man rushes out with a gun … and shoots the source! Turns out she didn't have a tape in her bag after all. She was setting him up.

The man turns out to be one of Fitz's agents, but the president warns Jake to stop looking into Operation Remington. "You're on your own," Fitz says. The bromance is officially dead.

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Cyrus Scheme No. 1: The chief of staff, never one to let a grudge drop, wants the Gladiators off of Josie's campaign, so he threatens Harrison with allowing Adnan Salif (someone connected to his insider trading past) back into the country. Harrison needs to tell the other Gladiators to form up and protect him, yet he keeps quiet. Hmmmm.

Cyrus Scheme No. 2: As we saw previously, VP Sally Langston is plotting with strategist Leo Bergen to run for the presidency on her own. They hatch a plan to use a Tea Party operative to back her, but turns out the operative is actually working with Cy. Nothing gets past him! (Unless her name is Olivia Pope.)

Quinnie's Got a Gun: We knew this firearm obsession of Quinn's was going to be bad. At the firing range, who shows up to help perfect her aim but the devious Charlie! And he's under orders from Rowan to maybe recruit her to B-613. Huck needs to get over this "not talking to Quinn" thing and warn her away.

"Scandal" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.