'Saturday Night Live' Treats: Watch 4 Fun Celeb Cameos From Past 'SNL' Halloween Skits

Fall TV

These archived videos from past Halloween-themed segments of "Saturday Night Live" are all treats. Enjoy some of the most memorable that include celebrity cameos:

Halloween With the Clintons

The Clintons, played by Darrell Hammond and Amy Poehler, hold a Halloween party and bicker through the entire 2007 skit. Poehler wears a bride costume, but guests keep calling her a witch. Then Sen. Barack Obama makes a surprise appearance as himself and has this dig for Hillary: "I enjoy being myself. I'm not going to change who I am just because it's Halloween."

Vincent Price's Halloween Special

The segment is from 2010, but the sketch — shown in black and white — is set in 1960. Jon Hamm is spot-on as presidential nominee John F. Kennedy, who shows up to the haunted-house set with a woman he calls his "campaign manager." "You said to bring Candy, so I'd like to introduce you to Candy DiCenzo," he says to Bill Hader's Vincent Price.

Merryville Brothers Haunted Castle

It's hard to be scared by Tom Hanks, but he's pretty creepy in this clip. The actor shows up at the end of a skit that features Bruno Mars and cast members as animatronic singers at the Merryville Halloween amusement park ride. The robots become more threatening each time they're activated in front of two stranded riders, and they finally take Jay Pharaoh away, leaving Vanessa Bayer at the mercy of robot Hanks. "I should be scared ... but you have a very lovable face," Bayer tells him. "I get that a lot," Hanks replies.

Christian Slater Goes Trick-or-Treating

Here's a blast from the past. Host Christian Slater dresses up as a pirate during his opening monologue in 1993 and goes trick-or-treating backstage. He runs into executive producer Lorne Michaels, who tells him that he's being unprofessional. Slater is then eclipsed by a bittersweet appearance from the late Chris Farley, who, in perfect comic timing, shows up in a ginormous pumpkin costume.

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