Sarah Palin's Prescription for an 'Amazing America': Fewer Selfies, More Fishies

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo TV

Sarah Palin has identified what's ailing this great nation of ours: It's a selfie epidemic.

"I want to see more young women holding a fish than holding their camera in front of a bathroom mirror doing a selfie," the former VP candidate told TV critics today at a breakfast to promote her new Sportsman Channel reality series, "Amazing America With Sarah Palin."

Debuting in April, the series will feature Palin (dubbed "the First Lady of the Outdoors") traveling the country and discovering firsthand what makes it great. "Our show will highlight the people, places and things that can embrace and encourage that American spirit we need more of," Palin promised, noting that it won't be "some fake, scripted reality show."

Of course, this isn't the Palins' first venture into reality TV. Sarah had a TLC series in 2010, "Sarah Palin's Alaska," that only lasted one season. Her daughter Bristol competed twice on "Dancing With the Stars" and had her own short-lived reality series on Lifetime. And husband Todd appeared on NBC's patriotic reality competition "Stars Earn Stripes."

Palin mostly steered clear of politics, but did say "protecting the Constitution" would be a topic on her new show, specifically the First and Second Amendments, and being able to say what you want without the threat of losing your job. "We've seen that with other networks recently," she added — a reference to A&E's now-lifted suspension of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson.

Watch Sarah Palin react to Phil Robertson's reinstatement in this update from "The Insider":

Clad in all black except for a pair of American flag platform heels (a gift from her niece McKinley), the former Alaska governor joked about the odd sight of her addressing a room full of journalists: "I'm glad to be here, because I love critics, and you know how much I love the media — can't beat that combination."

She even invited critics to join her in her native Alaska, saying Todd would cook up an extra helping of homemade moose chili for them. "That is the way we can connect, and you can see us unguarded, unchained, and living that red, wild, and blue lifestyle... what America used to be," she said.

"Amazing America With Sarah Palin" premieres in April on Sportsman Channel.