Santa’s Naughty List


"Good Day New York": An interview with Santa Claus revealed that Greg was on the naughty list this year. And as someone who watches his show every single day I must say that I am not surprised! Greg didn't seem very surprised either and actually looked kinda sad. It's okay Greg, I'll send you a gift - me as a guest on your show. I'll be there whenever you need me!

"The Today Show": I saw this awesome video of musicians playing Christmas songs on crystal glasses. It made me want to become a crystal wine glass musician. I bet the best part is tuning the wine glasses. I would fill all the glass with pinot noir, put on my "Sex in the City" DVD collection and just tune my instruments all night.

"Access Hollywood Live": Billy better hurry up and get back from vacation before I completely forget about him, because his fill in Lance Bass is amazing! He's got charm, good fashion sense and duh, he's friends with Justin Timberlake. What more could you ask for in a host?!

"The View": Barbara was upset because she's the only one who has been wearing festive clothing this week. But I don't think she knows that those parties where everyone borrows Christmas-themed sweaters from their grandmother's closets are considered ironic and funny.

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