Sandra Lee’s Fantastical Halloween Special had to be Seen to be Believed

The Set

If you're already a convert to the show with the most opportunities to yell "WHAT?!" at the TV, "Semi-Homemade Cooking: Sandra Lee," none of the absolutely hysterical, ridiculous, semi-surreal stuff in her one-hour Halloween special yesterday will come as a surprise to you. From magic mushroom references, to costume changes (including the Mad Hatter, Cher, Lucy in the grape-stomping costume, and some kind of dead pirate ghost), to the booze, the special was a celebration of the show's outrageous nuttiness.

Gawker has a four-minute edit of some of the best moments, though they refer to the show as a "train wreck." With all due respect, any regular viewer of "Semi-Homemade" knows that Miss Sandra Lee (first girlfriend of New York State!) is 100% completely in on the joke. In fact, she makes the joke. She's a genius and one of our nation's best comediennes. Enjoy the dreamscape.