A Samuel L. Jackson Ornament!


"GMA": 'Twas a week before Christmas / and all through the yard / FedEx was slingin' presents / and they were comin' in hard! Wow, that delivery guy is SO busted. I'd say let's give him a lump of coal in his stocking, but he'd probably throw it at us!

"Live! with Kelly": What a great cell phone video from the couple in North Carolina who found a foot-long snake hiding out in their Christmas tree! See, that's why I always make sure to keep a Samuel L. Jackson ornament hanging out on my branches. He'd never stand for that nonsense! Plus, his head is all shiny.

"GDNY": One of my co-workers noted that's a little late for all of these daytime shows to be doing gift idea segments because Christmas is almost here. So I went along with it and laughed and said things like "I know right" when in reality I'm freaking out inside. I really need to start my gift shopping soon!

"Access Hollywood Live": One of my holiday wishes was to see Billy Bush cross dress, obviously, and because of their '12 Days of Christmas' bit my wish has been granted, over and over again!

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