Sam Shows Off Her Texting Talents on 'Sam & Cat' [Video]

Rachel Poletick
Yahoo! TV
Sam Shows Off Her Texting Talents on 'Sam & Cat' [Video]

Sam barely bats an eyelash as she impresses with her mad texting skills in "#TextingCompetition," the newest episode from Nickelodeon's "Sam & Cat."

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In this clip from the episode, Sam is in a competition to text the words of the Gettysburg Address as quickly as possible. While she's tapping it out, she nonchalantly chews gum and holds conversations with Cat and her competitor, Morris, proving that she's not only intensely skilled in the art of the text, but also able to do it with little effort.

Sam manages to finish in 19.2 seconds, setting a new record and winning the competition.

But what does this victory mean for Sam and Cat? Will there be more competitions in the future? Will Sam catapult to worldwide fame for her texting prowess? Will they stop by that hot dog place they mentioned after the competition is over?

To find out, tune in to "Sam & Cat" on Saturday, 7/13 at 8 PM on Nickelodeon.