When All Was Said And Done There Was No Pants Swap!


"GMA": Hold your Samoas everybody, and Do-Si-Do to this news... there's a new flavor of Girl Scout Cookie! They're a lemon wedge with lemon chips, and they're called "Savannah Smiles", in honor of founder Juliette Low's Georgia hometown. Aww, I wish they named a cookie after my hometown! But that's just silly. Why would anyone ever name anything after Thin Mint, Missouri...

"Today": Happy Anniversary, Matt Lauer and "The Today Show", who are celebrating 15 blissful years together! Now, who says Hollywood relationships don't last? (Yes, technically they shoot in New York, but it just doesn't have the same ring to it!)

"Access Hollywood Live": Billy and Kit said at the beginning of the show that they would be wearing each other's pants by the end. So I watched the entire show, and even sat through the Sammi Sweetheart interview, but when all was said and done there was no pants swap. Mad!

"Wake Up With Al": What a crazy story about the dog who swallowed the $4500 wedding ring! I wished that happened more often in my neighborhood, because then maybe owners would actually clean up after their dogs like they're supposed to! I have a Great Dane people, and you don't see me slacking!

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