We’re Running Out of Kardashians!


More rambling from "Primetime in No Time" host Frank Nicotero:

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians": I never thought it would happen, but we're running out of Kardashians!  I mean, last night's entire show was about the Jenners (Kris, Bruce and Kendall), and we just had Kardashian cameos (excuse me; 'kameos').  But it's inevitable; won't be long now until we have 'Joking Around with the Jenners,' and 'Kylie & Kendall Keep Kowtowing Key Kooky Kyaks.' And yes, I had to look up a lot of 'K' words to finish that title.

"Who's Still Standing?": Seeing "Cash Cab" host Ben Bailey on this show makes me wonder how cool it would be if the cash cab had a trap door on it. You get the question wrong and boom, you fall through the floor onto the busy streets of New York. Yeah, it sounds dangerous, but put a helmet on the contestants or something cuz this idea is pure gold!

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills": I thought only Puff Daddy in the early 2000's threw white parties, but I guess that's not the case. Watching this episode made me wish they would take some of the trap doors from "Who's Still Standing?" and install them throughout Beverly Hills. That would make this show much more fun to watch!

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