Rollin In The Green!


"Ellen": Give her an "A" for effort, but every one of Ellen's Taylor-made leading questions and Zac attacks about whether T.S. and the 'Fron are dating, secretly dating, secretly a couple, or secretly a dating couple who dates, were Swiftly denied. Sorry kids! They're just promoting an animated movie they voiced together. No love story here. (But if anyone asks, I head they're double-secret-secret dating.)

"Today": This was quite the educational show today! Not only did I learn a great new recipe for jambalaya, I also figured out the perfect way to contort my face and then blow up a picture of it to make a big sign. I'm not sure which one of these tips I'll use more, but if I'm really clever I can combine them and make jambalaya while wearing my giant mean muggin' face sign! What a sight that would be!

"GMA": Adele sounds just like one of us -- she spent yesterday popping down to London city hall to apply for a permit. Except it was a permit to land her new helicopter on the lawn of her $10 million dollar mansion, when she hops out to the country from her fancy London flat on the weekends. Hmm. Okay, on second thought, I guess there was no way Adele was ever gonna sound like one of us. But I can't wait for her new single: "Rolling In the Green"!

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