Ring On Her Trigger Finger


"GMA": Hmm, I bet Drew Barrymore is having way more fun doing that "Charlie's Angels" pose now that she's got a ring on her trigger finger. And to think, up until just a few years ago, she'd "Never Been Kissed!" (Okay, okay, I'll stop. I promise this time.) Riiight after I figure out a "Poison Ivy" joke...

"Today": "Today" had a health expert on, who claimed that a cup of black tea has about half the caffeine of a cup of coffee. I guess she was trying to settle the "tea vs. coffee" debate... but I think Kim from Phoenix settled that debate for me out on the plaza with Al. I'll take the tea - and hopefully someone can teach Kim the jitterbug about the half-caf option.

"Good Day LA": Every time William Shatner appears on a show one of our writers start's dropping random "Star Trek" facts on me, which as you can imagine is pretty unbearable. And since this writer is from Iowa he always manages to slip in that James T. Kirk is from Iowa. No, William Shatner is not from Iowa, his character from "Star Trek" is. Ugh, I really really don't care! This reminds me, does anybody know any good writers?

"Wake Up with Al": It seemed a little rude that Al kept interrupting the guest who was on talking taxes so he could put up the video of baby pandas. I'm sure she takes her job pretty seriously and was really looking forward to sharing her tax knowledge with Al's audience, and all he wanted do was show us baby pandas. But then again baby pandas are pretty much the best thing ever, so I'm sure she loved it as much as we did!

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