‘Revolution’: The Biggest Burning Questions About the Show

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(Television Without Pity) — After just a couple of episodes, NBC's new 2012 drama "Revolution" has already prompted a huge amount of questions -- and we're not even talking about the source and mechanics of the global power outage, which we presume (or rather, hope) will be answered eventually. No, we have these other queries in mind…

Why pick a crossbow over a regular bow and arrow, or even a sword? Crossbows are heavy to carry, cumbersome to load, and totally ineffective in a firefight.

Wouldn't everyone's clothes be more tattered? It's not like the Gap is still producing and distributing new clothing, yet everyone still looks perfectly coiffed, if a little dingy.

How does Miles expect Charlie and her friends to meet in Indiana, or find any destination, really? Are there maps available? No one seems to be using compasses and there don't appear to be any street signs anywhere in the overgrown woods.

How exactly were the rules of the Baltimore Act communicated to the general populace? Are there hand-cranked printing presses? Did someone go door to door? Signs on a tree?

Did no one take a single picture on film? Why are there no physical photo albums or pictures of people's loved ones? People just have to hold on to old, useless iPhones?

Guns, and presumably ammunition, are extremely rare and important. So why would the militia waste bullets on slaves, instead of just using a sword when necessary?

What does the rest of the world look like? Does anyone in, say, Shanghai have power?

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How hasn't Rachel aged a day? She looks exactly the same as she did 15 years prior.

How do Charlie and her brother have the straightest smiles ever when they grew up without braces? Good genetics? And why does everyone have insanely white teeth? Do Crest Whitestrips have a 15-year shelf life?

If food is so scarce, how is Aaron still an overweight guy? Was he sneaking pounds of vegetables off the farm when no one was looking? Is he amazing at hunting? (We kinda doubt it, no offense.)

General Monroe offered Rachel ice, but how do they make and store ice without refrigeration? Old-fashioned ice houses?

How far does the militia territory extend? Couldn't the rebellion (or the Mathesons) just leave the greater Chicago area and find a less populated place without people who believe in martial law and slavery?

Did someone find a secret Pottery Barn warehouse? All of the candles around are completely perfectly shaped and created, like from a factory.

How did Charlie and Ben get new clothes as they were growing up that fit them perfectly?

Watch this week's "Revolution" in full right here:

"Revolution" airs Mondays at 10 PM on NBC.

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