To the rescue!


Today”: The video of a giant wave spoiling a proposal is all fun and good, until the girl realizes that it all happened just a little too perfectly to be an accident! I mean think about it, the person filming it was in the exact right place to capture the whole wave, and the couple was standing out on the perfect rock for the wave to have the biggest impact. Something seems fishy here, I don't mean the smell of the ocean!

Ellen”: Wait a sec! The day after an adorable 4-year-old kid singer belts out his favorite Bruno Mars song on her show, Ellen sends him home on a flight to Texas that just HAPPENS to have Bruno Mars on the same plane, so they can meet for a photo op? What are the odds? Unless, of course, Bruno Mars is also secretly a federal air marshal. Wow, that guy really is multi-talented.

GMA”: Just about every morning show on TV had that great viral video footage of the couple whose beachfront proposal got washed away by a giant wave, just when the groom to be got down on one knee. But only one wise-cracking network anchor, “GMA's” weatherman Sam Champion, also happens to be the host of a show called "Sea Rescue". I thought Sam was gonna jump right over the desk, and into some scuba gear. To the rescue!

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