Report: RGIII bragged to teammates he could influence Redskins owner Daniel Snyder

Eric Edholm
Shutdown Corner

The Washington Redskins' season has been over for a few weeks, and they have turned the page on the Mike Shanahan ugliness.

But they still have Robert Griffin III and Daniel Snyder to deal with. Yes, deal with.

Snyder we've known about since the day he walked in and bought the team back in 1999. But Griffin, who was an NFL poster child for maturity and deference his rookie season, appears to have turned if recent reports are true.

The Washington Post's Sally Jenkins — and she's not one to get many stories wrong — wrote Tuesday that Griffin, among other things, was guilty of pointing fingers privately at his wide receivers and bragging to people around the team that he had Snyder wrapped around his finger.

The rift between Shanahan and Snyder very clearly centered around the way-too-cozy relationship between the quarterback and the owner, and that certainly led to Shanahan's ouster. (That and his missing the postseason three of four season and his possible mishandling of an injured Griffin, but eh, who is counting?)

This story is just another layer of disappointment over what has happened the last 12 months or so at Redskins Park, and as Jenkins points out, the new coach — perhaps one RGIII can influence Snyder to hire? — will be hamstrung even before he walks in the door, having to clean up the messes and repair the broken relationships of a 3-13 disaster season.

Oh, and no first-round pick this year, either. Good luck with that one.

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