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I Reminded Myself Where Rhode Island Is

Daytime in No Time

"Today": Whoa, Jenny McCarthy's interview about her new Playboy shoot made me blush! (And trust me, that's not easy.) Not to be outdone, Hoda and KLG kept the PG-13 train a-movin' with a long discussion about whether it's "normal" to sleep in the buff. Hey, that reminds me, does anyone want my breakfast? I suddenly lost my appetite.

"Access Hollywood Live": Did you know that the Kardashian family has lots of money and free time and loves to go on lavish vacations?! Of course you did, but just in case you may have forgotten for a brief moment they were nice enough to put out yet another music video to remind us of that fact, so thanks for that! If I wasn't stuck at work and feeling slightly under the weather, maybe that thank you wouldn't be so filled with sarcasm.

"Live! with Kelly": The brand new Miss USA turned up on "Live" today, and she revealed she's the first winner ever to start out as Miss Rhode Island! And once I reminded myself where Rhode Island was, exactly, I learned some fascinating facts about it! For example: did you know that it's not even a real island? Although they do have roads. Also, if you're thirsty in Rhode Island, your only choices are something called "coffee milk" (which has no actual coffee in it, for some reason), or a "cabinet", which as far as I can tell, is what we here in America would call a milkshake. But Rhode Islandeers call it a "cabinet". Noone knows why. And I don't think we should tell them. They all think they talk wicked good!

"Wendy Williams": You gotta love Wendy, who was more excited to be taking a picture with a Super Bowl MVP because he was taller than her than due to the fact that he's a Super Bowl MVP! Which is probably why she didn't care too much that Eli Manning called her by the wrong name, and why she didn't bother think of a clever comeback like referring to him as Mark Sanchez or something!

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