Regis Gave His Two Weeks’ Notice!


"Access Hollywood Live": OF COURSE Kris Jenner loved the "Saturday Night Live" spoof of her family… because any press is good  press, when it comes to the Kardashian empire! The best part of the skit was Kristin Wiig's impression of Kris and the way she nailed that little head shake she does that just lightly moves her bangs back and forth! It made me feel like I was really watching a show on E!, minus the upset feeling in my stomach of course!

"Live": Regis gave his two weeks' notice! Yep, there are just 10 Philbin-filled episodes of "Live" left to go before the big send-off on Friday the 18th. And the guest star surprise tributes started in earnest today, with Joan Rivers, Michael Bublé, and Bobby DeNiro coming to pay their respects. They haven't announced who's coming round for the last week, but I'm guessing you'll see a little KLG, and if we're lucky, a certain gap-toothed talk show host may get up early one day, too!

"Ellen": You know what they say: a moment on the lips, a lifetime of being asked about it on national TV. At least that's what happened to Kate Walsh when Ellen made her play "Guess That Smile" with old co-stars she's kissed on camera. I'm just glad they stopped after Patrick Dempsey, Will Ferrell and Drew Carey. Nobody in this world needs to know what it was like to lock lips with Norm McDonald!

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