Reason To Be Happy Steven Tyler Quit ‘Idol’: New Aerosmith Music!

Lyndsey Parker
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Steven Tyler recently freely admitted that he was stoked to leave "American Idol" after two seasons, and frankly, when he was on the show, his lack of legitimate critiques and his perpetually glazed-over expression made it obvious that the job was "not his cup of tea." I wasn't sad or surprised to hear he was going back to doing what he's always done best--rocking out with Aerosmith--and neither were several of Season 11's contestants. "He doesn't belong behind a table judging people. You can tell--he lights up like a Christmas tree when he's onstage getting to sing," 10th-place finalist Erika Van Pelt told Reality Rocks. "I feel like ['Idol'] is not where he's supposed to be," concurred sixth-placer Elise Testone. And fifth-place country girl Skylar Laine said, "With Steven, it's better for him. He has to be a little bit more reserved on the show, and now he can go out there and focus on his first love, which we all know is Aerosmith."

Well, I just want to publicly state that I (to borrow a catchphrase from as-of-this-writing remaining "Idol" judge Randy Jackson) one-hundred-thousand-million percent agree with Erika, Elise, and Skylar. While I still kind of resent Steven for probably accepting the "Idol" gig simply to further his own musical career comeback, and for never taking the judging job seriously or, you know, offering any actual constructive criticism...I can't really resent him when he and the newly revamped Aerosmith are putting out songs as all-out awesome as "Lover Alot," which just premiered today.

Obviously, leaving "Idol" was THE best career move Steven could have made, and "Idol's" ever-so-slight slight loss is the rock 'n' roll world's very stadium-sized gain. "Lover Alot" is classic 'Smith, and I love it [sic] alot. Have a listen:

(The following song contains explicit language.)

Aerosmith's first album in 11 years, Music From Another Dimension, is due out in November. (Ironically, the album will include a duet with none other than "American Idol" darling Carrie Underwood.) Let's hope the rest of the tracks rock as hard as this!


Aerosmith, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Mary J. Blige and seven other superstar artists will perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday, September 22. Green Day, Lil Wayne, Rihanna and Miranda Lambert are among the acts playing Friday, September 21, the event's opening night. The shows begin at 7 p.m. PST and will be streamed exclusively on Yahoo! Music.

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