I Really Doux!


"Ellen": Here's hoping it works out for Jennifer Aniston and her new beaux, Justin Theroux. I hope youx guys are together forever.. I really doux! But if not, at least he found a good backup gig: he can hang out with Ellen and breakdance his way down the aisles, so she doesn't have toux!

"The View": It was nice to see Star Jones getting along with everyone. Well, sort of. It started off good with some hugs and reminiscing, but once they started airing out old grievances it got a little stuffy in there. You might even say they could cut the tension in the room with a gastric bypass surgery knife!

"The Doctors": Kendra and Hank talked about they don't like to, how should I say this, partake in any extra curricular activities in the bedroom before he plays in a big football game. But according to my coworkers who actually know a little something about football it sounds like Hank's not that great of player. So maybe he and Kendra should reconsider their strategy, I'm sure he wouldn't mind!

"Live! with Kelly": Nothing more fun than watching a rich talk show host go on vacation to Hawaii in the middle of the winter! Sigh... if she mentions the gorgeous weather, crystal blue ocean, and white sandy beaches one more time, someone's gonna get a big ol' Hawaiian punch! (Sugar-free, of course. Aloha, empty calories!)

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