A Real, Live Purple Squirrel!


"GDNY": I don't mean to be selfish but, oh, who am I kidding? Of course I do! I'm so glad Greg is back because he's good for a few good laughs a week for "Daytime in No Time"! My life just felt so empty without Greg's tomfoolery every day. And I'm sure Rosanna is happy to have him back too, I mean Nick Jonas was a fine guest host and all, but he didn't make her the brunt of his jokes like Greg does! It's much better to be the brunt of someone's jokes than to not have any jokes at all… so it's definitely a good thing!

"GMA": Okay, so let me get this straight: you guys just happened to find a news story about a couple in Pennsylvania that caught a real, live purple squirrel, the very same day you had an interview with a corporate headhunter guy, who has a new book out about finding the elusive perfect job candidate, a.k.a., "the purple squirrel"? Hmm, this sounds like viral marketing to me. You know, the kind involving a weird virus that turns your fur purple!

"Ellen": Oh, wow! I think I'm totes in lurvv with Ellen's new segment, "Grammies sing the Grammys"! Watching little old ladies drop hip-hop rhymes totally made my morning. Plus, it's way more successful than their last two tries: "Oscar's at the Oscars", where Oscar the Grouch reenacted scenes from "The Descendants", and "M.E.'s at the Emmys", where Medical Examiners determined the cause of death for cancelled TV shows. That one gave me the creeps!

"Wendy Williams": I'm glad Wendy addressed the question that I'm sure was everyone's mind when she walked out with her mom (whom she towered over by about FOUR feet): No, she's not adopted and yes, that is her real mother! Apparently Wendy gets her height from her dad's side, duh!

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