RadioShack Nails the Funny With Super Bowl '80s Ad

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo TV

Wait, RadioShack is still in business?

It is! And the company is all too aware that many people think of it as a relic of the '80s. In an early favorite from Sunday's Super Bowl ad bonanza, the electronics retailer poked fun of its outdated image by marching out a barrage of '80s icons, including Alf, Hulk Hogan, and Erik Estrada.

In the commercial, two employees stand in a very beige store stocked with fax machines and boom boxes. "The '80s called," one employee says. "They want their store back." Cue the parade of Reagan-era favorites who storm the store and carry out all the old wood-grained electronics to make way for a newly slick showroom.

Can you spot the number of cameos? We've watched it a few times but don't think we caught 'em all. There's Mary Lou Retton, Sgt. Slaughter of WWE fame, Cliff Clavin from "Cheers," rocker Dee Snider, rappers Kid 'n Play, the California Raisins, Slim Goodbody, and that creepy owl from "Clash of the Titans."

Even Teen Wolf showed up, FOR THE WIN.

Reaction on Twitter was overwhelmingly positive.


Even though the ad's a winner, some still couldn't resist mocking the chain.


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