Quite The Emotional Rollercoaster!


"Today": Jeez, between the Octomom's latest struggles, the NFL cheerleader sex scandal and that whole Trayvon Martin shooting, I sure am glad they mixed in a happy story about a puppy surviving the tornadoes! I was nearly in tears watching all the depressing news, but when that cute little dog was returned to it's owner, those tears turned to joy! Then they showed a clip of Jay Leno from last night and I quickly got sad again. Needless to say it was quite the emotional roller coaster!

"Ellen": Like a lot of celebs, Jennifer Love Hewitt uses a stage name. But did you know that the real name in there, the one actually given to her by her parents, is Love? It's true. Just like how Ellen DeGeneres's real first name is "De". (Okay, I'm not totally sure about that one.)

"GMA": Regis was on "GMA"! With Katie Couric! It was OUTTA CONTROL! Regis told us all about his recent vacation, where he went "all over China". And when they asked him about his favaorite part of China, he said "Japan". Good to have ya back, Reeg!

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