Quick! Buy a Mug Just Like Charlie’s From ‘Two and a Half Men’ Before He Dies!

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Charlie's mug
Charlie's mug

This morning when I checked my email, there was a contextual ad for "Two and a Half Men Mugs," and I inexplicably clicked on it. It seems that Charlie Sheen's character on the show drinks out of a mug so often (or possibly talks about the mug, or maybe the mug has played a role in plot points on the show) that more than one company is offering versions of the mug, which is just a striped mug.

So, since we now know that the show might kill off Charlie's character, it might also be true that we've seen the last of the mug. Maybe they'll bury Charlie with the mug. I don't know why I'm obsessed with this mug! The sitcom-induced popularity of this ordinary boring mug that reminds me of a shirt Ernie would wear on "Sesame Street" is basically the only thing that's ever made me want to watch "Two and a Half Men," though I'm sure if I did watch it, it would be like the ONE episode that didn't have the mug, and I'd be frustrated. I imagine a "Two and a Half Men" superfan saying "Oh, episode 7.06? That's the one that didn't have the mug, everybody knows that," to taunt me. Anyway, if you want the damn mug, you can buy the ridiculously ugly version above at the CBS store ($16.95, highway robbery, especially since it bears almost no resemblance to the actual mug), or a classier-looking version from this store ($29.99 for four and comes with a free matching spoon; also claims to be the original, also looks just like the original according to some guy's blog). So own a piece of TV history while you still can. You're welcome.