Put a Sock On It


"The Today Show": What are you thinking, Matt Lauer? Going sock-less on TV during the most-watched event of the last four years? Hey listen fella, it's nothing personal. We can all agree that you have many good qualities, it's just that the creepily protruding shape of your ankle bones isn't one of them, 'k? Besides, Tom Brokaw totally made fun of you for it today. When Brokaw tells you to put a sock (on) it, you just do it.

"Good Morning America": They did a story about ads for Mentos candy, and I was surprised to hear that Mentos are still around! Plus it totally made me miss their ads from the '90s! The amount of times I held Mentos in my hand and gave a thumbs up and said "Mentos, the fresh maker" is too many to count. They need to bring back those old ads so kids today can have as much fun as I did playing with my food!

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