And That’s Purty Cool!


"Access Hollywood Live": Once you get past the fact that Taylor is having a conversation with a cat, you realize that the whole point of the video is to try and garner votes to win an award. Now maybe I'm just jealous because my awards shelf just has a spelling bee "Participant" ribbon from when I was 11 and one of those fake Oscars you can get on Hollywood Boulevard that says "Best Sister Ever", but I feel like Taylor has won plenty of awards… so why would she campaign to win another one? In fact, if she does win another one I'm gonna take a page from Kanye's book and totally crash the stage! At the very least I'll be an inspiration for one of her songs!

"GMA": Relax, y'all! Miley Cyrus is NOT engaged n' stuff. She just saw that big ol' rock at a store, and put it on, cuz she thought it looked purty cool. And that's purty cool. Y'all.

"Live! with Kelly": Regis du jour Jerry O'Connell showed off some adorable family photos today during his guest co-hosting gig, of his uber-cute twin 4-year-old daughters getting pedicures at a swanky LA nail salon. They seemed like they were having a great time, but they also looked awfully squirmy. Aww, I get it, girls! Sometimes when you're 4 and your fashion model mom is taking pictures of you, it can be hard to Romijn still for a snapshot.

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