PSY Learned to ‘Dougie’


"Today": PSY learned to 'Dougie'! What an awesome mash-up of new fad meets old fad! But the real question here is, do the Cali Swag District know how to 'Gangnam Style'? That I would like to see… but hurry up before that fad is over, too!

"Ellen": It's pretty cool that Jenna Fischer taught her son baby sign language! And I don't know this for sure, but I'm guessing that one of the first things he learned how to sign was "please make Steve Carell come back to 'The Office'!" Hey it could have happened, she said the kid is really smart!

"Judge Alex": Let me get this straight, Michael Lohan was being sued because he missed a celebrity boxing event due to being arrested? And the person who got him arrested, his girlfriend, was his key witness who also happened to get him arrested the day before the day in question? Which leads me to my real burning question, Michael Lohan is a celebrity?!

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